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THE children have decided that I must keep the picture scrambled. Before you read the short descriptions below, I must point out that I've taken the "proud, very proud father" approach. In other words, "emphasize the good and the h--l with the bad." In reality most of my experience with my children has been great. Each has their own strengths, abilities and goals. They all have one thing in common - they are all very special to me, as you will see by my "proud father's" description below.

ALL the info below was written about 8 yrs. ago. While I can’t stop myself and my kids from getting older I decided to leave this page “timeless”, at the age they were when written.

DAD-OF-8 / Who Are the Children?

GIRL 1 - My oldest daughter is in her late-twenties. A college graduate with honors. She is very family oriented and caring. Currently, she shares an apartment with her boyfriend (a great person!) and is working three jobs. One of her jobs is an actress in children's theater. She was placed with the family as a foster child when she was 9 years old, became adoptable, and was adopted by us a few years later. I feel very close to her, proud of her, and fortunate to have her as a daughter.

GIRL 2 - She is in her mid-twenties. A very helpful young lady who cares about the family, especially her younger brothers. She just moved out of state to live with her boyfriend. Hopefully marriage is in her future, time will tell. I am also very close to her and proud to have her as a daughter. She was in and out of my home as a foster child a few times before she came to stay and eventually be adopted.

GIRL 3 - She is just a year younger than girl 2. A very independent young lady who has been living on her own for a few years now. She has a good job and shares an apartment with a friend. While not very family oriented she is living her life as she chooses and doing well. She was in and out of my home several times as a foster child before she was eventually adopted. I am pleased to note that she is now engaged to be married and has become more close to her family.

GIRL 4 - A truly lovely young lady. This twenty one year old young lady is extremely intelligent, good looking, and a pleasure to have as a daughter. She was placed as a foster child with my family when she was six years old, left for a little while to live with biological relatives, came back and eventually, we were able to adopt her. She is currently a forth grade teacher and will soon have her Master's degree. Any father would consider himself extremely fortunate to have a girl like this as a daughter.

BOY 1 - He is my oldest son and my only biological child. He is currently thirty two years of age and happily married to a woman who is a delight to have as a daughter-in-law. He just bought and moved into a new home. Financially he is doing great as the person in charge of the computer operations of a large financial firm. Through the years he has shared his home, his parents, and his life with all his adopted brothers and sisters. God blessed me and them with him. He just moved to another state. Best of all, he and his wife just became new parents making me a grandfather. What a great feeling.

BOY 2 - He is a young man in his mid-twenties. He is a college graduate and currently an associate producer for a major television talk show. He first came to the family as a foster child when he was 2 1/2 years old. He immediately called my wife "mommy", as if he knew his future. A great guy that is willing to sacrifice for others. He now has is own apartment, but visits two to three times a week, a great guy.  He is currently engaged to be married. He chose wisely as his fiancé is agreat person.

BOY 3 - He is a seventeen year old, extremely intelligent boy. He is very close to my wife and his younger brother. He is very inquisitive and anxious to learn about subjects such as history, languages, classic cars, etc. His latest interest is politics. He came to my family straight from the hospital as a foster child a few days after birth. He became adoptable a few years later. I am extremely pleased, and proud to be his father.

BOY 4 - My 14 year old is truly a delight. My wife gave him the nickname "sunshine" for very good reasons. He is extremely social with a warm, caring personality. He was placed with the family as a foster child when he was 4 months old, never left, and was adopted when he was about 5 years old.      


Below, in this column, there are more links to books available from concerning foster care and adoption.

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Thank you to my children, their spouses and families and my grandchildren who have made life exciting, never boring, entertaining, and most importantly, more meaningful than it could ever possibly have been without them. Thank you to my local Department of Social Services and the social workers who have made my family possible. Not only have you helped my children's lives but you have enormously improved mine.



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