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This story was emailed to me by "GM". I thank her for allowing me to post it here.


I read about you in Adoptive Families magazine and then on your home page. I am an adoptive single mom of one son, 16 months old. He was placed with me on  the day he was born. His birthmom gave birth at the hospital and told them at that time that she was placing him for adoption. He was my first and only  placement to date. I am now seriously considering foster care again. Who knows, maybe adoption if all leads to that. I let my foster certificate expire because I was really leaning in the direction of not doing it anymore. I think in the 9 months since my son's adoption has become final, I have had  the time I needed to breathe and just live and enjoy him. I don't know for  sure what I will end up doing but at this time, I don't feel the urgency to adopt as I did with my son. I do want to be a part of the system however and will continue in some capacity.

Our story is really very simple, his birthmother placed him at birth and  never had contact. She had to go to counseling before she could terminate and that took a long time and stressed me out, wondering whether she would change her mind. It wasn't easy for me, even though I know the way it happened was very easy for foster care. My son is truely handsome, shiny hair, lovely eyes with a beautiful personality. When I started this process, I never expected a beautiful newborn like him because I was single so I know in my heart how blessed I am. I enjoyed reading your story and wish you the best for you and your family.


I received this e-mail from CB. It's a great story I had to post.

What a positive input from a Foster/Adoptive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are 44 and 50 yrs. old, we've been told we're nuts and we're going to have to watch our kids in the future etc., etc., we're getting to old....etc., etc., etc., We've probably had about 17 kids come and go, some long term, some not so long term. We adopted one girl, she's 12 now and came to live with us when she was 6, we adopted her 3/00. She's beautiful and wonderful. We have 3 biological, one adopted and one foster. I think God put us here on earth for this. It's not always easy, but is life always easy? God knew what he was doing by sending us these little ones. Thanks for your positive input. (I had to giggle the other day, when someone asked us if we'd adopt the foster-child that lives with us now, we both said 'if' she were to come up for adoption at this point we don't think so, but just as we were asked this question, my husband was on the way out of the door, and he stuck his head back in with a grin and said, know if she's still with us 1-2 years from now, you really think we're gonna send her away??) I'm blessed.


I received this story from M.S. A great story that shows that with patience-- things can work out.

I have been a foster parent for 5 years, what a long ordeal, filled with heartache, and great rewards. In 2002,I got a call that would change my life, but never knew how much. I was entrusted with a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. Now, more than a  year later, and as of today,the parental rights are officially terminated! and I move on to the next step, the most exciting, to move on to the adoption portion! she is now 21 months old, and has come a long way, she is beautiful, and very loving! I couldn't have asked for a better daughter if I would have put in an order straight to heaven. The best part is she even looks like me! I have decided that once the adoption is final, and after our party, I will be letting my foster license become inactive, I just want to enjoy her, without people coming over, and watching everything I do. I am a single mom and have waited along time for her, just looking forward to leading a normal life for a change. I think I may resume foster care when she gets a little older...My advice, if you want a child, do consider foster care, with the intent to adopt, but beware of possible heartbreak. Because chances are, you will fall in love with every child you get in your home,  and it will hurt to let them go. I am very happy with my entire experience. Good luck to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thank you to my children, their spouses and families and my grandchildren who have made life exciting, never boring, entertaining, and most importantly, more meaningful than it could ever possibly have been without them. Thank you to my local Department of Social Services and the social workers who have made my family possible. Not only have you helped my children's lives but you have enormously improved mine.



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This page of the web site is devoted to your input. If you have a success story concerning adoption or foster care, I will be glad to post them on this page. Please e-mail your story to I'll review it and if found suitable, post it. By submitting a story you are giving your approval for us to publish it without compensation to you and edit the story so that the anonymity of any named person or group can be preserved. I am looking forward to receiving stories that will encourage people to be foster or adoptive parents.