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THE following is an archive of older posts. As I run out of room on the home page I will add them to this page and add more pages as necessary.


Another year has begun. We wish all who visit a happy and healthy New Year.
Some more birthdays have passed, so I updated the “
Who Are The Children” page. A mixed blessing--they are getting older, wiser, more settled and mature--great-- but I on the other hand I am only getting older. Oh well, you just can't stop time.
On the "
Success Stories" page I just posted the story of a single woman adopting a baby by first being the baby's foster parent. You can click on the link on the left to read it.
A lot of time has passed since my last update. It's been a great summer for the family. My youngest son (boy #4--11 yrs. old) had his first girlfriend, which he met while attending day camp. On the last day of camp he got his first kiss. While it was only on his cheek, he is taking it as a truly momentous occasion in his life. My 14 year old (boy #3) attended sleep away camp this summer for a month. It turned out to be a great experience for him. For the first time away from home, he did great. He also had his first girlfriend. He went into camp as a very shy child and came out more talkative and outgoing than he has ever been. Boy #2 (25 yrs. old) decided it was time to have his own place, so he is now living in an apartment of his own. Fortunately, he decided to move nearby, so the family sees him frequently. He's doing great. At times, I question what is the most important thing a parent can do for your child. Maybe it's this simple, give him/her a home with love, support and security until it is time for the child to live on his/her own. Girl #4  is back in college. Between working part time and attending college full time, this young lady has quite a schedule. My only regret is that I won't be seeing her as often as I would like. Oh well, thank god for e-mail and telephones.
I've finally added a page to the web site. It's  called “
My Favorite Quote”. The quote, in my mind, explains a little  bit about why we want to become parents in the first place. To go to that page CLICK HERE.
This past week my two youngest boys (#3 and #4) started taking acting classes.  Boy #3, to hopefully help him overcome shyness and develop communication and social skills and boy #4 because I believe he truly has the personality and talent for it. When one of their older sisters asked, "Why?" I just said, "They already know how to act bad, I want them to learn how to act good".

As soon as I came home from work today, my youngest son says excitedly "Dad, we have to celebrate". I said "Why". He says, "Don't you know, it's a special day?" I said "Why is this Wednesday so special". He smiled and quickly blurted out proudly, "It's my adoption anniversary!!" I felt bad for not remembering for a moment, then, I thought how great it was that not only was he not ashamed about adoption, but he was extremely proud and happy about it. I only hope that he will always feel like this.
A few have written e-mail about why I included search boxes instead of  a list of sites I could recommend. First, there are so many that I didn't want to "play favorites" by listing a few and probably overlooking many worthy ones. Second, none of them, to the best of my knowledge, deal with adoption as I have, so to recommend a site might be confused with an endorsement of what the site proposes. I decided it would be best to make it easy for you to do your own searches and for you to decide which sites have suitable information to suit your own needs.
I've received several requests to suggest adoption sites for visiting. There are many on the internet, many useful, with considerable information. To make it easy for you to get more information I posted the "" search box at the top of the page. Just click on the "go" button. At the bottom of the page I posted the 4Anything search box. Just type adoption in the search box and click search and it will return a multitude of choices.
If you have visited before, I am sure you will notice that I finally updated the site a little. I even put the correct age for a couple of my children. They were the first to say " Dad, can't you even get our ages right?" 
A new year, a new century. My family wishes all of you a Happy and healthy New Year. Boy #3 still has me out there jogging with him every night. We're not ready to run a marathon (not even close) but we are making some progress. Girl #4 just got her grades for the term that just passed. Four A's and a B, not bad. Everyone else is doing OK. I hope to update this page more often and add more features.
Thanksgiving has come and gone. But for my family it was kind of special this year. For the first time, or at least for as long as I can remember dinner wasn't held at my house. My oldest son (Boy#1) had it at his. Two of his sisters (Girls #2 and 4) came early to his house to help him and his wife prepare everything. I guess that's what every parent wants (besides not having to clean up the mess), to see their children get along well enough to plan and have such events. The funniest (and best) moment was when Boy#1 decided to give a toast before dinner about how great it was that we all are together for Thanksgiving and that he hopes it will always be like this, when, all of a sudden my youngest boy (Boy#4) yells out "This is just like "Full House". TV does have its' influence. By the way Boy#3 and I are still jogging every night. Progress toward are goals is slow, but we are trying.
One good thing about having a large family is that sometimes the needs of one of your children coincide with yours. Boy#3 decided he has to lose some weight and I know I am out of shape so every night we have been going out to jog. We are actually making some progress toward meeting our goals and spending this extra time together has helped us get to know each other better, not a bad deal.
I would like to thank those of you who have sent e-mail, I have enjoyed reading it and answering it. I just want to point out that I am not a source of adoptable children. The site is only to provide information about how I adopted children and for you to hopefully realize that adopting a foster child might be an excellent choice for your family. Thank you for visiting.            Dad-of-8


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