Don't adjust your monitor. The picture has been intentionally blurred to protect the privacy of my 8 children. Eight children - one biological and seven by adoption.

I consider myself extremely fortunate and one of the luckiest people alive to be a part of their lives.

For all those who are thinking of adopting children as a means of achieving their family dreams, I hope this web site can be a resource in realizing those dreams.


What's new??


IMPORTANT - I recently registered the domain name WWW.DAD-OF-8.COM

I will be updating information on that site only and keep this site as it is now. Please email me at CONTACT@DAD-OF-8.COM if you have any questions or comments. I woulde like to thank anyone who has visited this site and hope you will continue by visiting the new site WWW.DAD-OF-8.COM


Christmas is now becoming a memory. The kids got more toys than they probably need. So many, I wonder if they will ever get to play with them all. Just as I figured, I got a couple of sweaters and a few other things. The best present I got, wasn’t a present at all. It was a news bulletin that came in the form of a barely distinguishable picture. Here’s what happened: One of my daughters handed me a batch of family pictures to look at. About half way down the pile there was this odd picture that gave me pause. I then looked at my daughter and she at me as we both simultaneously smiled at each other. It was a “sonogram” with the words “You’re going to be a grandpa again!!! scrolled across the bottom. Now I can look forward to having eight grandchildren. For me, there could not have been any better present.


July has come and gone and Christmas eve will be here in a few hours. I am now up to seven grandchildren, 4 girls and 3 boys. While I might get a few sweaters or some shirts for presents this year, I never forget that having these children and grandchildren as apart of my life is the greatest present of all.


The last few weeks have been extremely hectic. I became a grandparent, now for the sixth time. With three grandsons and three granddaughters the next one, which is already on the way will break the tie. I won’t know until the new addition is delivered, as the parents don’t want to know ahead of time. Will update in July when the happy event is due to occur.


Next week one of granddaughters is turning five. This won’t go unnoticed as two parties have been planned to usher in her fifth year of life. Sometimes I think most parents overdue these celebrations but then I realize it is great to celebrate life’s happy events. Another reason to have children, many happy events to celebrate -  too bad there is only one birthday per year.


I must apologize for how many years it has been since I updated. I just registered the domain name “” and am in the process of transferring all the information from the old “tripod” site. The last seven years have been filled with the greatest joys and the worst tragedy a parent can face. The death of one of my children was the hardest emotional experience I ever endured. Life, one moment everything is fine, then in an instant, an accident can  change everything. We all still grieve and terribly miss the son, brother that is no longer with us. Yes, these past seven years also had some great joys.  I am now the grandfather of 5. three girls and two boys. To make things even better, my youngest daughter will soon give birth to another grandson. It is really great to enjoy the grandkids and not even have a diaper to change. Please email if you have any questions. My new email is “CONTACT@DAD-OF-8.COM”.

My second grandchild was born in September of 2003, a handsome boy. Now, my oldest son and his wife have the "American Dream" - a successful marriage, a house in the suburbs, and one boy and one girl for children.  We are only three weeks from the next family wedding. My second youngest daughter will be married to a really great guy. Can't wait. The next wedding after that will be two months. Another daughter and another great guy. It amazes me that all the worry and anxious moments while my daughters were dating turned out to be so unnecessary. My youngest once said to me "Do you know why girls date all the wrong guys at first?" I said, "Why?" She replied, "So they will know when the right one comes along." At least for three of my four daughters, that's exactly how it turned out.
Now I have another grandchild on the way. A boy to born in September. My granddaughter will have a brother. A miracle of life. If that wasn't enough to be joyful about, one of my children got engaged, this time my youngest daughter. Now I have three weddings to look forward to, one a year for the next three years. The first, in two weeks. My only regret is that my wife is no longer alive to enjoy these events with me. I've added another story on the “
SUCCESS STORIES” page. My thanks to M.S. for submitting it. It is a heart warming story about a single mom about to adopt her foster child.
Over a year has past since my last update. What a year for my family. The best and the worst all within one year. On the best side, I'm now a proud grandfather of a baby girl. It's my first grandchild and I couldn't be more delighted about it. Two of my children became engaged. Amazing enough, they actually picked excellent choices for their significant others. All that grief and worry about who they were dating turned out to be a waste of time. My youngest daughter graduated college, is now a forth grade teacher and is already half way to a Master's Degree. On the worst side, my wife passed away after a long illness. No words can properly express the grief that several of the family and I feel.

For some unknown I have been receiving considerable e-mail lately. It made me realize that nine months have passed since I updated the site a little. That's a long time and I apologize for that. Thanksgiving was special this year. With all that's going on in the world and this country I think we all felt a little closer. All my kids were there, except unfortunately, for one. Between my eldest son's wife, and the other kids girlfriends and boyfriends, a set of grandparents, my sister's family, my brother-in-law's family and even one biological mom, we had about 25 people. Dinner had to be "buffet style" as there was no way enough room for everyone to sit around the same table in my house. I posted another story on the “
SUCCESS STORIES” page. I also added an e-mailed comment at the end of "MY FAVORITE QUOTE” page.
A few months ago I was asked to write an article for a nationally published magazine that has to do with adoption. To date the article has not been published. I decided to post it on the web site because I thought it might be of interest to you. Each of my children contributed to it and gave an opinion about an adoption issue. To read it,



I have been asked to recommend interesting and informative books about adoption and foster care. Below is a good assortment available on AMAZON.COM. Just click on one to get more information.

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Thank you to my children, their spouses and families and my grandchildren who have made life exciting, never boring, entertaining, and most importantly, more meaningful than it could ever possibly have been without them. Thank you to my local Department of Social Services and the social workers who have made my family possible. Not only have you helped my children's lives but you have enormously improved mine.



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